Remi Didactic Guide


The Activities of the Didactic Guide Comply With The American Common Core Curriculum and Next Generation Science Standards. Remi’s Activities are based on grade 4 primary school.
The specific standards completed are at the end of each activity with a link to the exact page of the Common Core Standards with which it complies.
The Standards met by the activities include language art, social studies, science, mathematics and art. Each activity includes task sheets, answer keys to all the problems, and a list of specific standards met as well as evaluations.



Didactic Guide Overview

If you do all the activities of the didactic guide for Remi, you will need approximately 25 hours and will comply with the following Grade 4 Standards:

  • 17 Language Arts Standards,
  • 2 Next Generation Science Standards,
  • 2 History/Social Science Standards,
  • 5 Math Standards and
  • 1 Art Standard.

Each activity has its objectives clearly indicated and the time required to complete the activity.

They also indicate:

  • The Materials Included,
  •  Suggested grouping of lessons
  •  Student task sheets
  • Answer key for each sheet
  •  Specific Educational Orientations of the Dominican curriculum



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